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The Friends of Deering Oaks is a non-profit citizen organization committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing the physical condition of Portland's historic Deering Oaks Park and promoting its use by residents and visitors.  The 1994 Deering Oasks Master Plan will guide the activities fo the Friends of Deering Oaks.


Anne B. Pringle, President
Retired Bank Executive, Former Mayor of Portland
Board member since 1997

Derek Markgren, Treasurer

Barbara Hager, Secrertary
Retired Director of Portland's Downtown District
board member since 1997

Troy Moon (ex officio)
City of Portland

Carol Hutchins

Sue Cabot

Robert Giovannini
CEO, M&D Media LLC




Deering Oaks Master Plan adopted


Friends of Deering Oaks incorporated


Provide wagons for Farmers Market patrons


Ravine rehabilitation - wading pool for children Raised $328,000, two-thirds of cost “The place where the community comes together around the joy of its children…


Initiate Annual Lighting Display around the pond


Initiate lighting display in the Candelabra Tree


Castle Restoration - Raised $310,000, 40% of the project cost Year-round use, staffed bathrooms


Fountain replacement and return of duck house to the pond - Chair steering committee - Additional water spray tier, improve aeration of water to retard algae growth


Playground replacement - Chair steering committee Develop natural play elements, e.g. in-ground slide, adventure trail


Bridge repair - Identified need for bridge repairs before condition became worse Advocated for installation of appropriate light fixtures, long gone from the bridge

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Focus on maintenance

  • Mulching

  • Pruning

  • Paint flagpole

  • Plant and maintain Castle garden

  • Remove graffiti

  • etc.


Focus on problem behaviors, working with Police, Preble Street

  • Camping at park perimeter, under bridge

  • Public drinking, intoxication

  • Drug Use

  • Public Urination

  • Littering


Continue to prioritize Master Plan projects

  • Now estimated at 2/3 complete!


Projects Underway

Pond rehabilitation

  • Improve water quality, retard algae growth

  • Lobbied for federal funds - secured in 2009

  • Lobbied for City match – 2012

  • Serve on Steering Committee


State/High Street Two-Way

  • Initiated advocacy for policy change in 2002

  • Doggedly pursued it over the years, advocated for funds for detailed engineering analysis in City FY’ 14 operating budget

  • Change Deering Oaks traffic pattern in Phase II of change


Advocate for replacement of inappropriate and inefficient lighting fixtures

  • Anticipate quick pay-back period, seek analysis, prioritization for City capital funds


Redesign of the historic Rose Circle to lower maintenance effort, promote more earth-friendly practices (no pesticides, fertilizers)

  • Will raise funds for explanatory signs.


Restore historic Bowling Green for Bocce and Croquet

  • Will raise funds to restore designed edge of Bowling Green


About Friends of Deering Oaks

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