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Farmers' Market

One can purchase wonderful vegetables and fruits at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays in Deering Oaks. And oh, the flowers! That’s what makes the event so special in early spring. Way before there are crops for sale, the 20 or so farmers of the Market offer us the promise of lush and colorful gardens of our own. Mostly the booths bring color, texture and spring’s vigor straight from the farm to Deering Oaks.

Each booth at the Farmers’ Market represents one farm in southern Maine. Many of the farmers maintain retail operations at their farms and plant traditional vegetable crops in addition to the flowers. Come harvest time and we’ll be offered our choice of traditionally grown or organically grown vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

It costs the farmer $80 to buy a permit from the City of Portland that includes Wednesdays in Monument Square and the Deering Oaks event. The product must have been produced on a farm in the local vicinity. Up to 1/3 of the product can come from a different operation but must have been grown locally.

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