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The Great Black Hawk Tribute Statue




Collaboration with the City of Portland and key stakeholders include: Parks & Rec, Portland Public Arts Committee, Historic Preservation Board, Portland’s Parks Commission, Avian Haven and Maine Audubon.


Total project budget estimate is $29,000 (please see expense breakdown below)



Bronze replica GBLH statue:                                                  $16,000

            Payable in 3 installments:

            $5,600 - to begin design composition and clay maquette’s (miniature done to scale)

            $5,600 – when actual sized modeling finished/approved; mold for original will now be created

            $4,800 – when foundry work is finished all the way through patina



Mount & installation estimate:                                              $12,000

            Materials and design are still in the process and will be subcontracted with the artist in partnership with the City



Marketing & donor materials                                                  $1,000



Total                                                                                  $29,000




In kind support:

Decal design (one of a kind decals of “GBLH Portland, ME”); given (only) to anyone supporting the project.   $250

            Web design to support launch and receive donations for the project. $450



Additional Info:  Staff from both Avian Haven and Maine Audubon have volunteered to view the original clay model (prior to mold making and bronze casting) to determine accuracy in representation of the GBLH.

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