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Kids Playing in the Park

The Deering Oaks playground has been completely transformed!  Plans are underway to create a very unique community play space with natural elements emphasized.  See the design enclosure.

There will be a hierarchy of entrances, focused on accessibility.  The major entrance will be cut diagonally across the hill that leads down into the current playground, rather than going straight down the hill.

One of the most exciting and immediately noticeable changes will be a slide built right into the hill (made with polished granite, concrete, or polycarbonate) that is about 25 feet long.

Coming along the pathway one will encounter an elaborate watchtower type structure, which will possibly have musical elements incorporated into its structure – most likely percussion based.


Then there will be a dry streambed and a rocky beach area with sand and smooth beach glass.  Fixed elements such as starfish and lobsters could be “excavated” by digging into the sand.

Towards the rear of the play space there will be a mounded area with an adventure trail laid out with boulders, sand, plants and upright timbers providing places to hide.  The rear of the site will be of lesser grade and allow handicapped access.

There will also be wooden block climbing structures scattered throughout the play space to link the areas together and to distribute play activity.  There will be a toddler area that uses plastic manufactured equipment similar to what is currently in the park.  There will be two such younger age areas.  One that is ages 2-5 and another that is along the lines of ages 5-12.

There will be a performance space created against a slope to the left of the main entrance.  Traditional swings will be located toward the back of the play space.  There will also be an area, near to performance space, called the “fairy woodlands” that will be associated with the display of fantasy structures created by kids and left in  place.

And a new picnic area will be developed, as well as having a few picnic tables throughout the area.
This is bound to be a very exciting transformation for the park and the public.

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